Recent projects

To date, I have translated more than 3,500,000 words for over 70 clients.

Some noteworthy projects:

In 2015 I translated 6,000 words from German into English on health food and menus. I helped several clients translate their driving licenses, university certificates and documentation from Spanish and Portuguese into English. Furthermore I translated several press releases from Spanish into English for a multinational bank. I also translated a 2,000 word contract from Portuguese into English and 7,000 words on digital marketing from Spanish into English. I also interpreted Spanish and German <> English for several speakers at a multilingual debate on the use of technology in translation.

In 2014, I translated two 50,000-word evaluation reports for the FAO of the United Nations from Spanish into English and 10,000 words on farmer profiles from Portuguese into English. Throughout the year, I translated around 20,000 words from German into English for a hotel chain. In addition, I translated a Spanish cosmetics website from Spanish into English.

In 2013, I translated blog posts and articles from Spanish into English for a prominent online Spanish culture magazine. I also translated a 25,000-word sociology paper from Spanish into English. Later in the same year, I translated a 125,000-word report about employment in Angola from Portuguese into English. In terms of German translation work, I translated several documents related to business and tourism and proofread the German to English translation of a 100,000-word book about nutritional supplements.

In 2012, I spent almost five months altogether working on an on-site translation project in Zurich, Switzerland. The project required me to provide translations for one of the country’s largest private banks in connection with the international tax dispute between Switzerland and the American IRS and Department of Justice. I assisted the legal team by translating a variety of documents from German into English but my knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese was also required at times. Towards the end of 2012, I undertook a Portuguese<>English interpreting assignment at a wedding in Edinburgh.

In 2011, I translated country briefs and food security documents for the FAO of the United Nations from Spanish into English. Furthermore, I translated 30,000 words from Portuguese into English for an international rail inspection company that was bidding for, and was subsequently awarded, a tender in Portugal.